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Clara Beckmann

* 1978 in London / United Kingdom
lives and works in Detroit / United States

Clara Beckmann is the grand-niece of German painter Max Beckmann. She was born outside London in 1978, and has recently served a residency at Detroit’s Museum of New Art. She lives and works between London and Detroit.

Throughout her young life Clara Beckmann has traveled the globe immortalizing art figures of the early 20th century with her camera. In the Face of Art: Famous Dead Artists, Beckmann's lens is focused exclusively on these early innovators of modern art.

Beckmann’s portraits are known for their dark clarity and simple texture.... Her lack of personable knowledge and insensitivity toward her subjects combined with her self-taught technical skills allow us to intimately view some of the outstanding personalities of our era. The power of Beckman's portraits lies in the fact that they are memories of our existence. They reveal something of the nature of our age.



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