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The concept of Immanence in Philosophy and the Arts

05.05.2016 - 05.05.2016

Angewandte Innovation Lab, AIL, Wien / Österreich

The notion of immanence has become a key concept for contemporary philosophies. For Deleuze, Nietzsche and Spinoza developed the purest plane of immanence that made no compromise at all with transcendence. But the value of the category of immanence has also been variously conceived, by subsequent thinkers from Alain Badiou to François Laruelle. At the same time, artists from Antonin Artaud to Allan Kaprow have contributed to the thought of immanence in their emphasis on art as a worldly, material practice....

This workshop conference intends to clarify the significance of the concept of immanence in contemporary philosophy and the arts. Organized by the PEEK-Project (AR275-G21) “Artist-Philosophers. Philosophy AS Arts-based-research” (led by Arno Böhler), sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund



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