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ManfredDu Schu. BodyMindPower II

14.02.2015 - 18.04.2015

Galerie Annette De Keyser, Antwerpen / België

BodyMindPower II. (Pictures Of Transforming Mind)
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14 February 2015 — 02 May 2015
The mind is inherently embodied. Thoughts are mostly unconscious.
A picture, like a body, is not completely conscious but mostly unconscious.
The mind is the transforming body, searching for its identity.
We are dreamt of where the theatre of gender fluid and body-mindedness
decided to dress us up with the creation of a theatrical organism.
The hybrid mind with its hybrid memory lies in its identity for the body’s
autonomy is the anatomy of its emotions....
The body as a being itself and a being out-of-itself creates the space for our
actions as well as the space for the image in all its authenticity.
The body is the clarity of its border, the beauty of its mind.
The ruthless candour of the masking of the mind in its de-masking beauty is
both its body and also its antibody.
Bodies are fun.

Staged Visibility by
ManfreDu Schu, Vienna, January 2015



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