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modern modern

modern modern. 2009

17.04.2009 - 13.06.2009

Chelsea Art Museum, New York / United States

The exhibition points to an emotional and aesthetic sensibility among artists who are living and working mostly between Berlin and New York. Despite strong modernist references, stylistic classifications are of no importance in this show. The works are refreshingly unconcerned with the distinctions between “figuration,” “abstraction” and the “conceptual” and find another way to communicate their ideas and feelings about their subjects and the world around them. With colors dirty and drab, the absence of evident political commentary or shocking visuals, and an accent on the melancholic, the show is also reflection of the times we are living in right now....

modern modern creates an interesting dialogue between the Chelsea Art Museum’s permanent abstract art collection and the elements of abstraction within the art works in the show.



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