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Video Time

09.01.2004 - 07.02.2004

Green On Red Gallery

Curated by Jerome O Drisceoil, presented as the third exhibition entitled Video Time, this exhibition opens the new year with five invited artists from the U. S. A. and Europe: Darren Almond, Ceal Floyer, Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky, and Richard Serra. Inspired by a number of pioneering video works by Serra, this exhibition brings together a collection of video/ filmworks whose use of the medium concentrates and extends the viewers' experience of the passing of time. In each work, in different ways, the spectator is asked to re-situate themselves in a phenomenological dialogue about time and place.... The four works selected are entitled Time and Time Again, H2O Diptych, 16x (" times 16 ") and Railroad Tunbridge, respectively. (Web-Information Green On Red Gallery)


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